Payment Methods and How To Order

Hey, Hows it going?! hope you found the watch you were looking for. :).....Below are the following ways in which we accept payments for orders..


1) Google Wallets

To pay, kindly go to and send your orders total amount to our google payments email 

Google wallets still protects you because in the very unlikley event that we dont ship your order, you can call your bank and they will refund you your payment. (However, do contact us before doing that incase you mistakenly gave us the wrong email so you arent receiving the emails we sent to you about the order, like tracking number etc)



2) / cashapp : $BZSJRAP


3) zellepay:



3) Online Bank Deposit

For our usa customers that would prefer paying via online bank deposit send your orders total amount to our bank email 


4) Bitcoin

to pay via bitcoin, after placing your order, you will get the details :)  

 Our bitcoin key :  


6) Ethereum paying for replica clothes and designer watches with bitcoin and ethereum best website benzinoosales jewelreps

Ethereum is the twin brother of bitcoin. But expected to knock bitcoins out in 2018.
If you have a Ethereum account, then you can send payments to our Ethereum payment key: or scan the barcode below


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When sending payment via Ether or Bitcoins, leave a note with your order number in the note section of the payment.

****The benefits of Bitcoins and Ether are tremendous. You could have $10 in there today and tomorrow it can be $35 !! $25 out of thin air ! 

****check your app/play store for : Coinbase, luno or Bitcoin Wallet and get started today ! This can make you very wealthy! join the bubble and benefit before it bursts :)

***1 bitcoin at the start of 2017 was valued at $1,000, now, 1 bitcoin in December 2017 is valued at $18,000 thats a 17k increase !! and Etherum is poised to make such leap next year, so get in NOW !****

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Due to been a replica website based in the USA, we cant accept card payments because the legit services here dont work with replica websites, and we dont want to partner with an un-legit service that would put your card details at risk, thus we rather not accept card payments if its not with a reputable, legit service. Also, we dont accept paypal because they too dont allow the sale of replicas. We have been through 6 different paypal accounts and everyone of them got closed and the money in there confiscated by paypal and opening another one is a hassle because we would have to open a new bank account and all that.

Thanks for your continuous support, and we promise not to ever disappoint you. We take this very seriously, and our #1 aim is to be the go to place for top quality Luxury designer brand watch replicas.


 With Love from RepTimes™



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