Q: How fast is shipping

A: Shipping takes 5-11 days to deliver worldwide


Q: Where do you ship from

A: All orders shipout from the factory in shanghai


Q: What is the quality of your replica watches?

A: All our replica watches are the best replica quality there is on the market. That is because we have visited over 100 replica watch factories in china and selected the best to supply our products

Q: Why don't you accept card payments like visa and MasterCard on your site?

A:  Please note that direct Credit Card payments, PayPal and Direct Bank Wires do not provide their services to replica watch business's as it does not fit within the terms and conditions. Its important to understand that you are buying a replica item and the usual payment methods found on your general e-commerce clothing, electronics, and furniture stores would not be possible when purchasing a replica item.

 Thus Any replica watch website that allows and accepts credit card payments directly on their website are either doing so through illegal means or are retrieving your credit card payment details and pushing them to the darkweb to sell.

So we only use Cash App, Zellepay, transferwise.com , westernunion.com and bitcoins because it accepts credit card payments without any risk. Involving a trusted  service like cash app, zellepay, transfer wise, western union and bitcoins  allows for secure payments and no one will have your payment information to sell on the dark web.